De-Shedding Comb

Many groomers consider deshedding combs and brushes as essential when grooming, or carrying out a deshedding treatment on shedding breeds such as pugs, labradors, jack russels, etc. This comb is designed to not only be eco-friendly (with it’s bamboo handle), but also work brilliantly on shedding coats. The specially designed blade grabs the smallest of hairs – you will be amazed with the results! Brush in the direction of coat growth. Blade measures 6.5cm. Suitable for all size dogs.

A unique tool, which features a special edge to reach deeply into the coat, removing dead and shedding hairs with ease. Simply brush in the direction of the coat growth for amazing results! Perfect for all shedding breeds including Pugs, Boxers, Labradors etc.

853469 – De-Shedding Comb

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